Wednesday, 20 October 2010


A recent ‘who-was-wearing-what-at-some-event-or-another’ prompts me to write about how much I am enamoured with Tilda Swinton. The press’ fascination around her unconventional love-life is tedious. Tilda is fascinating; they should just say so.

This is a woman with inimitable alabaster skin and marmalade hair, she is statuesque and angular and at 49, she is a great example of how you can still be extremely stylish as you age. I love the recent shots of her in a campaign for Pringle.

But what comes across so strongly in all images where Tilda Swintons’ steely eyes peer out is that she is open to being portrayed daringly. She can be androgynous easily, she plays the part of redhead and albino fittingly, she is tall and slim. In short, Tilda Swinton looks great fun to style and would be my ideal client.