Monday, 24 March 2014

Focus on Melbourne: Shoes

As some of you may know, last month I travelled to Melbourne. It is my spiritual and style home. I long to get back there like Marion Cotillard's character Mal longs to get back to 'reality' in Inception. And, in the same way as I always feel like I have left a part of me there, I always try and take something of it with me. 

This time, it's two footwear trends that can be observed on any of the girls stalking the fashionable areas of town. Of course, for Australians, it was mid-summer in February so consider them a season ahead and consider this your heads up for our summertime. 

Up first is the wood sole. Forget clogs (I will). These shoes are a perfect marriage between vintage and contemporary styles - the wooden sole sits nicely alongside vintage attire and the leather straps compliment more modern style. And I like them because they hold your foot in place - it's not flapping around. That's a big one for me. 

The below are from Mollini (£64) an Australian company but watch this space for something similar in the UK. 

Second up is the trickier to pull off Jello Gladiator Sandal. I used to wear these to the beach when I was little (but those were pink...and sparkly...ahem). Moving on... don't glaze over just yet. I do understand that a flat shoe like this is only for the willow-limbed. I am desperate for a pair and tried some on today. These come in all heel heights so there is no excuse. I daresay that this last trend is doused in man-repellent but hey, I'm married now! And anyway, just tell the boys that they're all wearing them in Melbourne. 

These are from Windsor Smith, £49 (Australia) but a similar style is available in Topshop here in the UK. And pretty comfy too. 

Final word: If you are concerned with avoiding wearing leather you might be comforted to know that Topshop have options in PVC.