Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ted Baker does 'Black and Rainbow'

I am wearing a lot of black at the moment.  Is it because the nights are drawing in? I think I just feel like I want to be a bit more discreet.  Although I am thrilled with a recent haul of subtle yet interesting black tops from & Other Stories I do tend to worry that it's all a bit funereal. But Ted Baker has the answer. 

Any frequent readers of HungDrawn will be familiar with my obsession with 'Black and Rainbow' colour combinations and it was in advance of my visit to Ted Baker's Headquarters in London last week that I happened upon these beauties which fell right on theme.

 How good would they look with just simple black skinny jeans? A pair of floral gold earrings?  As I continued to browse I started to feel more upbeat. I began to think of warm summers and festivals and thought that this bag would be a great festival day bag. It's PVC so you wouldn't even need to worry about it getting wet...

They even do wellies in this print so if you are concerned about muddying your hi-tops, they are the perfect festival footwear and no mistake. There's no excuse. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Isabella Blow at Somerset House

Isabella Blow is, and always will be, one of fashion's biggest characters. She came up through the ranks of fashion journalists to become universally respected for her vision and as one of the most recognisable figures in the industry. Red lipstick, extraordinary headwear and impractical clothes marked her out on the front row.  

The shoot that she styled for Vanity Fair was a real fashion moment for me. It was the perfect fusion of the most-noted names of the time - photographer David LaChapelle, designer Alexander McQueen and the most recognisable models of the moment. And it just went on and on. It was luxurious. Each image conjured a narrative. 

Sadly, Isabellla comitted suicide in 2007. The stream of unexpected and outrageous outfits was at it's end. But from today, her friend Daphne Guiness at last gives us access to 100 pieces from Blow's private collection at Somerset House.  What a treat. The exhibition opened today and will run until March so get down there and feast your eyes.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Checks Please

Derek Lam's new Spring/Summer 2014 collection is a dedicated investigation into checks. Colour clashing, maximised gingham are cut into boxy, simplistic silhouettes with subtle oriental flavour. There is something functional and futuristic about the collection that appeals to my fascination with sci-fi. 

As checks permeate into the high street this season though, the slant is more grunge than futuristic. Below, an Marks and Spencer effort at just £29.50 worn by Tracey Emin as part of their Leading Ladies campaign. I love the idea of this with a simple black leather jacket and skinny jeans and a charm necklace. It's a great everyday piece.  

And no outfit is complete without the right shoes - would I leave that out?  How about these Talo court shoes by Chie Mihara, £215.60

Or, more puddle-practical, these gorgeous Dean ankle boots by Atalanta Weeler. These are a wardrobe essential, non? 

Everything begins here

Things you need to know about Everything Begins...
- they sell lots of nice things
-  they sell nice bags
- they have reduced their nice bags...
I can't do everything for you so go and have a look for yourself. These are on my wishlist, which are your favourites? 

Mimi Leather Shoulder bag - Faye £207.38 from Everything Begins

Mimi Peggy Leather satchel £165.90, also from Everything Begins

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Pop culture was an art, now art's a pop culture in me

There are always going to be people in life who inspire us. The fashion world is perpetuated by the cult of celebrity. ASOS has made a million pound business out of folk eager to imitate the wardrobes of those they idolise; Topshop and H&M specialise in sellout celebrity collaborations.  

But there are also a rare and fascinating breed of characters who are equally inspiring that we do not wish to imitate.  They have style which we can admire for its deep creativity and slavishness to excess without us wanting to copy it. They are real artists playing with style with a serious frivolity.  Their outfits are assemblages, creations, extrapolations. Though they often divide opinion with their costumes, I refer to Lady Gaga in particular here, you would not sooner expect to see them in the same outfit twice than in a pair of tracksuit bottoms in public. So credit where credit is due; for your delectation, a few of my favourite fashion artists. 

Italian fashion writer Anna Piaggi

Icelandic woodland sprite Bjork 

Australian performance artist Leigh Bowery

Singer and Lisa Minnelli impersonator, Lady Gaga

Monday, 26 August 2013

Shoes and Other Stories

If you don't live in London you might not have heard of & Other Stories. The brand was launched to be a more fashion-forward label than its sister H&M.  If you enjoy picking up the odd COS item, or wish you could afford a Jil Sander outfit, then this might be right up your street, I think all  three labels have some exciting similarities. 

Like COS I rarely walk out with anything when I visit but I always enjoy the experience of going. The clothes, shoes and accessories are rather simple yet lovely pieces. And best of all they are all... they are all at very affordable prices. I am looking for a good pair of black shoes to go with an outfit I wear at the office and shortlisted these. 

Lace-up pumps, £89.  Worn with some coloured tights underneath the pinked edges would create really striking negative spaces on your foot. Potentially very flattering and a nice take on an otherwise quite formal shoe. 

 Velvet and leather-toed wedge, £55. Again, speaking of silhouettes, the waves on the sides could add an interesting dimension to a simple black outfit...

Flat leather sandals, £29. Also available in 2 other colours. The leather laces create a flattering triangle shape to the foot. Nice nail varnish is not a must but an advantage. 

Leather and Suede slippers, £45. In general I am not partial to a slipper, I think that there is something too Hugh Hefner about them. Is it that they just look comfy in a sinister way (you might be familiar with my views on tracksuit bottoms)? I have no idea. Neither do I know how I can feel that way and yet like these shoes. Maybe it is because they remind me of a pair of Dries van Noten shoes I was contemplating selling a kidney for...sigh.

Have a look on the website and know that if you order before August 28th you'll get free delivery. Just saying. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Liberté, égalité.

Liberty is the byword for luxury shopping experience. It is a joy to spend hours wandering through each room enjoying unusual trinkets and their curation. When I am there I become lost in an aspirational wonderland. Occasionally, when budget allows, and have been very, very good,  I dabble in a treat that will last but I always dream. 

One of the best-loved staples of the brand are their timeless printed fabrics so imagine my excitement at finding these William Morris inspired jeans in Zara to remind me of the down-the-rabbit-hole reverie of my favourite London emporium. They're skinny style and ankle-grazing so I will be wearing them with a ridiculous heel and a plain white top to offset the intense print.