Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ted Baker does 'Black and Rainbow'

I am wearing a lot of black at the moment.  Is it because the nights are drawing in? I think I just feel like I want to be a bit more discreet.  Although I am thrilled with a recent haul of subtle yet interesting black tops from & Other Stories I do tend to worry that it's all a bit funereal. But Ted Baker has the answer. 

Any frequent readers of HungDrawn will be familiar with my obsession with 'Black and Rainbow' colour combinations and it was in advance of my visit to Ted Baker's Headquarters in London last week that I happened upon these beauties which fell right on theme.

 How good would they look with just simple black skinny jeans? A pair of floral gold earrings?  As I continued to browse I started to feel more upbeat. I began to think of warm summers and festivals and thought that this bag would be a great festival day bag. It's PVC so you wouldn't even need to worry about it getting wet...

They even do wellies in this print so if you are concerned about muddying your hi-tops, they are the perfect festival footwear and no mistake. There's no excuse. 

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