Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lace in Favour

Lace, broderie anglaise, applique - all looks du jour on high streets and catwalks alike at the moment. Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer collection is all over the fashion magazines (10 major covers worldwide). Prada's at it too, Lana del Ray was recently decked out in the look in Mario Testino's cover shoot for British Vogue this month. It's a look that has become part of internet sensation's signature style. Her look is Veronica Lake-Lolita and her style slams vintage up against ghetto glamour. Lana del Ray is always feminine, always coquettish (she is not averse to a see through buttoned-up). I think that it is the secret to keeping the look away from fusty.

The great thing about the look is that it's affordable for anyone to recreate. Regulars will know that I always favour vintage - it's a much more rewarding shopping experience - and for this style I would head to a mainstream vintage store like Beyond Retro where 50s and 60s clothes are easy on the wallet. The Shop on Cheshire Street (Brick Lane) is a great, if small vintage emporium. Holloway Road's 21st Century Retro might also be worth a visit - I love this woven, jewelled raffia bag - it's just the thing.

Above: Vintage Enid Collins bag is £65 available at 21st Century Retro

If vintage feels just too much like hassle, or if you cannot divorce it from old lady style, then the high street doesn't disappoint either. I have recently bought a Next lace top with unlined back and peplum waist (two trends in one piece). It comes in navy, fuschia or jade and is a rather reasonable £24. Topshop are in on the act too. Below, their effort is at a less friendly £175 and harks from their Limited Edition collection.

Going Up (in price): are these Philips glasses by a-morir (Kerin Rose). $250 is a lot to spend on such style specific glasses but I just had to include them because they ooze Lana del Rey. You can buy these from the website direct or from Liberty. Perfect pastels and gorgeously garlanded.