Sunday, 11 October 2015


Fashion is constantly recycling looks from the past. There is no shame in celebrating the great things in our history, things we have loved, this blog is full of that. But I think it is only inevitable that trend-setters are always looking for something that is truly fresh. With that in mind Pristine is my new thing.

So the way in which I am interpreting this is part Scandi-style with a slight whiff of 90s revival but ultimately it's about being pristine whatever the execution.

Staples of the look are perfect, deep blacks, greys, brand new Supergas, slick, leather bags, 3/4 length wool skirts, ribbed knits, interesting jewellery and a lint brush. No loose threads, no frayed hems,  no stretching, no bobbles and definitely no fading, hair or lint. This is about being sharp and organised, even when casual. Cleanliness is not enough, when it looks knackered, so is the look, that item's out. Here's the look and where you can find it.

From the hight street Whistles, Toast and Topshop will not let you down.

Above from Toast 

Above from Topshop via Instagrammer @olivia_wh

I Gigi Womenswear in Brighton is a one-stop shop to build the look. The shop is an emporium of clothes that fits into this genre. I instantly fell in love with a mandarin-collared, knitted pea coat in virgin wool by the Italian label Transit Par Such. It's long, it's fitted and it will be perfect for my impending weekend in Scandinavia. It will, I am reliably advised, be the beginning of life-long loyalty to the brand. Coco Blue in Taunton is also a supplier of the label and both were very kind in sourcing me the piece I had set my heart on.

Above: Transit Par Such available in-store at I Gigi (in Brighton, Suusex) and Coco Blue (in Taunton, Somerset) 

Above from Whistles

Above from Whistles

Above from Superga

Build the look with interesting brass jewellery. Here's my Barcelona haul modelled by yours truly. Manicure by Lisa Nails in Berkhamsted - get matt black if you can.