Sunday, 10 July 2011

Festival for Less

Latitude Festival is just a few tantalising days away from me and I am in a fashion frenzy putting All-Eventualities outfits together. Because our climes are so unforgiving it is hardly worth investing in anything specific but if you are inspired by the constant pages of festival chic in magazines, and simply have to have something new, why not rummage the sale rails and get the look for less? This year's Glastonbury saw three days of torrential rain then one of scorching heat so you'd be wise to prepare for rain or shine or you'll find yourself looking into bin-bag chic on site.

If it's really sunny you'll need a hat so how about this 'Ditsy' trilby from Accesorize (was £20, now £10)? The beauty of a hat like this is that it'll squash into your bag and won't look the worse for it.

With trenchcoats being the exception, rainwear is always a stretch when it comes to fashion but it is a must for festival-goers. Given that the endlessly chic trench can be a bit more bulky you'd be better off in a Lightweight Parka like this one from New Look was £34.99 now £24.99. It is equally perfect for screwing up into a ball when the sun is inevitably shining.

Avoid the awkward tan lines by wearing a strapless dress like this soft denim beauty from Sandro (was €175 now €87).

And finally footwear. Whilst it's paramount that your feet are comfy, your shoes will no doubt get pretty trashed so if your dry weather shoes aren't a washable Converse type affair (you can get Light Oxfords at Schuh for £26.99 rather than the usual 34.99), stay cheap and go for something like French Connection's Nadalia trainers (was £35 now £25).

Last of all don't forget knee-high socks to avoid welly-rub and tights or leggings as back-up for when the temperatures drop the evenings and you can't be bothered to trudge back to the tent. Finally add rip-off Rayban Wayfarers (avoid the heartbreak of sitting on the real ones by leaving them at home) pile on the charity shop bracelets and get into the arena.