Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What will Princess Catherine choose?

I am inordinately excited about what the newly invented Princess Catherine will wear for the Royal Wedding in just a few weeks time. There has been speculation that she will wear Alexander McQueen and because she is a modern princess I would love to see her in a label like this, known for it's drama. Yet I suspect that even if this bride ever had daring styling tendencies, they will have been dumbed down by a sense of decorum. I hope I am wrong.

To be fair there is so much choice for brides that I can only imagine how hard it is when it comes down to it. You can see my own favourite, multiple personality wedding style below.

Elegant waists...

Here, above, Brigitte Bardot in casual pink gingham Jacques Esterel and below, Dita von Teese in voluminous Vivienne Westwood. Both dresses rely on boning and structure to emphasise tiny waists and are endlessly flattering.

Lace and Edging

Nicole Kidman (above) wore Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga for her wedding. The dress was delicately detailed, and it's turn of the century style sleeve was reminiscent of Tess of the d'Urbervilles. The exquisite lacework of another dress I am in love with belonged to the original Queen of Hearts, Grace Kelly. First and foremost a silver screen icon, her dress was aptly designed by MGM designer Helen Rose.

A modern legend in bridalwear design, Vera Wang, was the chosen designer of the dress for Avril Levigne's wedding in 2006. From the scalloped edges in Grace Kelly's veil to those on the bodice and skirt of Avril's dress you can see how mastery of an elegant detail like this can soften the image of even the most tomboyish.


I am most enamoured by this outfit. It reminds me so much of Ossie Clark's pattern-cutting that I can hardly believe he didn't design it himself. In fact this was a Mainbocher creation. The label also designed a further 66 pieces in the wedding trousseau which were accessorised with Schiaparelli and Chanel. Lucky girl!

Bianca Jagger married Mick Jagger in a sharp, white Yves Saint Laurent suit that although eminently stylish can only be pulled off by the slimmest bride. Daring in her omission of a top!

I think the only approach is to adopt what I call 'The Elizabeth Taylor Principle' - have lots of weddings, chose a totally different look every time! I wonder what Princess Catherine would say to that. But then, I think I might know that already.

Elizabeth Taylor wears an Irene Sharaff shift dress (Sharaff was the costume designer on Taylor's 1963 film Cleopatra).

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Style Bubble Party

Blogging deity Susie Lau held a little soiree at the Furla store on Regent Street this evening and I went along to see the jelly-shoe style bags she is currently sporting on her blog Style Bubble in situ. Here is the lady herself (left) with vintage clothes entrepreneur Hazel Holtham of Rag and Bow (organiser of The Affordable Vintage Fair).

I was so excited to see such an influential voice in the flesh and moreover to see what she was wearing. Susie had layered up nicely sporting pyjama style trousers that she spoke about in her Elle supplement magazine last month. I loved how her bright pink jelly bag (in the bottom left hand corner of the photo) picked out the colour on her trousers.

Below the glossy, citrus coloured bags.

Who knew you could even fit a small dog in one!

To get your name on the list, Susie had challenged readers to send in a picture of the contents of their handbags. Above was my shot. In my lovely Mulberry are: Le Labo's Iris perfume, Mason and Pearson hairbrush, emergency peacock earrings, Chanel compact, iPhone, Oyster, house keys.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Two Swallows Don't Make a Summer

We've had a week of lovely weather and though blithe spirit convinces us it'll last and summer's here, we are annually surprised by the grey skies that follow for the rest of spring.

In just the same way, I can't pretend that with just two examples that there is any trend on the horizon here but since I bought my Mulberry (see the To be Fair post) I have become a real addict to black and gold combinations. It's not Spring/Summer fair, but I thought you might want be interested in what makes me tick. Below is gorgeous vintage Junya Watanabe from Atelier Meyer that I watch over like a parent on the site.

And vintage black & gold heels by J Renne at £20.38 plus postage.

I urgently need both.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

You have got to love...

'any-night out' sequinned jackets. They'll inject a bit of glamour into any outfit, occasion or photo.

Both the above are from Coco Ribbon (£545)

Mine (in detail above) is from a vintage treasure trove in Leeds. I had to have it because I had never seen sideways sequins before and because I can pretty much wear it with any colour.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bright Blue Accessories

A little while ago I posted about the merits of bright blue clothes (in 'Why So IKBlue' if you're interested) and how everyone is stocking it at the moment. And now I am magpying towards it again. I can't resist. Here are my favorites from the high street...

I love it when someone's personality really peeps out when they wear something as quirky as a turban. Turbans are obviously not new in fashion but they are a real class act. This one is from River Island and is just £9.99
Above is a very reasonably priced (£18.99) blue glass ring from Whistles. Wear it with contrasting bright nail varnish for full effect.
If you are too timid to go all out and wear this eye-popping bright as an outfit, then tip your hat to the trend by waisting a dress with a double belt like this one from Reiss £45.
Above: These are easy-height heels from Zara which would brighten up any outfit. Not super comfy but hey, I think that's just me. Yours for just £49.99