Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Style Bubble Party

Blogging deity Susie Lau held a little soiree at the Furla store on Regent Street this evening and I went along to see the jelly-shoe style bags she is currently sporting on her blog Style Bubble in situ. Here is the lady herself (left) with vintage clothes entrepreneur Hazel Holtham of Rag and Bow (organiser of The Affordable Vintage Fair).

I was so excited to see such an influential voice in the flesh and moreover to see what she was wearing. Susie had layered up nicely sporting pyjama style trousers that she spoke about in her Elle supplement magazine last month. I loved how her bright pink jelly bag (in the bottom left hand corner of the photo) picked out the colour on her trousers.

Below the glossy, citrus coloured bags.

Who knew you could even fit a small dog in one!

To get your name on the list, Susie had challenged readers to send in a picture of the contents of their handbags. Above was my shot. In my lovely Mulberry are: Le Labo's Iris perfume, Mason and Pearson hairbrush, emergency peacock earrings, Chanel compact, iPhone, Oyster, house keys.

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