Sunday, 9 May 2010


A year or so ago black leggings came to save every girl's wardrobe allowing us all to shorten hemlines without the pay-per-view effect. Leggings gave us leave to take out summer wardrobes into the colder months and fed into layering trends.

Then a horrible thing happened. People started wearing leggings as trousers. Even if you have good legs, if you are wearing year and a half old leggings they are see-through - this includes cellulite. Like having bad breath, no-one would mention it to these girls but people will walk behind them pointing and saying 'tough night' if not out loud, then privately. If this wasn't enough I was in The Diner (Islington) and was sitting opposite a table of 4 girls, three of whom were in Shoreditch uniform - no word of a lie, all three of them in leggings, flowery skirts and denim jackets.

Leggings and flowery skirts; to the charity shop.

Solution: Tabio stirrup leggings. Expensive for tights at £18 but a brilliant investment and leg-longthening. At 80 denier they are not as warm as leggings but are damn sexy with heels. A wise investment trust me!

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