Sunday, 5 September 2010

Something of a spectacle

I recently picked up a knock-off pair of Rayban’s Cathy Clubmasters a festival – instantly falling in love with that Annie Hall look that, as a general rule, I can’t stand. With a pair a of full eyebrows I think it is tempting to go for a ‘covering-a-myriad-of-sins’ approach but I like the way that my unruly eyebrows spring up over the top of them giving a kind of the bookish look that Diane Keaton’s character embodies. It reminds me of something that that tomboyish Tennessee William’s character Scout Finch might have worn as a mid-teen.

I also fell in love with this Marios Schwabb pair for the same reasons but at £295 I feel that they were rather frivolously advertised by Vogue over the summer as ‘what to wear to a festival’. Aspirational certainly, but you wouldn’t catch me weeping into the folds of an inflatable mattress bemoaning the fact that someone had just knelt on my beloved lenses.

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