Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Twlight Saga

In the twilight of their liaison with Kate Moss, Topshop has launched a Limited Edition collection available only in it's Oxford Street, Brompton Road and NY branches. Beautifully styled outfits on the promo shots belie what I suspect is an overpriced collection akin to the £200 beaded pieces that 'Kate Moss' created for her Topshop stint. But I suppose it is bringing a bit of the magic of vintage to the mainstream whilst limiting, although not eliminating, the chance of finding someone dressed in the same thing as you at the next big party.

I'm not a fan but I think, love it or hate it, the highly commercial 14 Kate Moss collaborations with the high street brand set the bar very high for high profile partnerships. If this is the best they can come up with though, I think they should hold back on the ad spend until the hype of the much-anticipated collection Lanvin/H&M passes. Tough night.

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