Monday, 5 April 2010

Blade Runner Part One: Devil is in The Detail:

Inspiration: Blade Runner, 1983

Street-level is hemmed in, dark and greasy with rain. The underworld of LA, populated by the criminals and illicit activity, contrasts with the luxury and spaciousness of the skyline living of the Tyrell Corporation. Ridley Scott sets the scene.

The film’s costume designers, Michael Kaplan* and Charles Knode, are slavish in their attention to detail. The costumes are character driven rather than being film-driven. Gaff’s costumes are meticulous and calculated; Deckard’s are a disheveled, nonchalant uniforms. Pris wears the provocative, coquettish outfits of a futuristic gymnast. Rachel is a doll either cinched in or wrapped in cotton wool, ever refined, ever measured. Roy seemingly relaxed in an overcoat, poised to attack at any given moment in sleek body-con; a killing machine.
I love it. That is styling at it’s best.

*Kaplan has also worked on a couple of my favourite (all David Fincher) movies including S7ven, The Game and Panic Room.

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