Sunday, 27 March 2011

Focus: Carnaby Street - Part One: Beyond the Valley

If you are looking to shop somewhere and find truely lovely and original things to wear, look no further than the Carnaby Street area. Yes you have the staple brands in the viscinity - Topshop, HOSS, Jigsaw, COS etc. But if it's independent shops you are after, this is concentrated area of reliable shops I like to keep a close eye on. In the next couple of posts I am going to share with HungDrawn readers my own little black book of stores in the area.

Today: Beyond the Valley (2 Newburgh Street, Lomdon, W1F 7RD).
Currently showing their Cosmic Tropicalia Spring/Summer collection this store is very edgy (see their mood board below). Selling quirky clothes, accessories and shoes, this is stand out from the crowd stuff. This is strictly for the theatrical amongst you.

Often, when a line is using a high-tech or very fashionable print, design can go out of the door but each piece chosen for the shop is highly individual in combining interesting prints and texturing with often-mind-bending pattern-cutting. What I like most about shop is that it does not focus on clothes that will just suit the skinnies. Lots of the pieces aren't fitted and could be worn by all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also, it's not (necessarily) break the bank.

I fell in love with these snakeskin boots by fashion-crowd favourite, London based label Finsk. I think they would look so dramatic on the end of a peg leg trouser.

Also with MOMOCREATURA, a label homing in on my macabre interest in taxidermy with their mamed woodland creature jewellery. I think it's funny. You might not. But you can bill me.

Here endeth the first lesson...

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