Sunday, 20 March 2011

Victorian Obsessions

The circus is in town.

The town: London, Monmouth Street to be exact. At super-luxurious lingerie store Coco de Mer they are stocking a collaborative label called Circus Child - a playful, made-to-measure collection which takes it's inspiration from iconic circus costumes. At just under £1000 a piece it's (rather appropriately) more of look don't touch collection but it very much homes in on our continuing obsession with all things Victorian: burlesque, the circus, the spectacular.

At these prices, this is firmly a fantasy post so, in for a penny, in for a pound... imagine yourself as Dita von Teese wearing these and working the look whilst strutting round the Big Top. Have fun!

...And a post on the circus wouldn't be the same without a picture of a Bearded Lady...

Sorry. I couldn't resist.


  1. do we have a PR contact for Circus Child?? their stuff is PERFECT for a client of mine and her tour!!!!

  2. Hi Clare,

    The line is by Matilda Temperly, Victoria Grant & Sam Roddick - who owns the store so I think the below will work for you.

    PR & Marketing: Ranjit Singh
    t: 020 7443 9700