Sunday, 27 March 2011

Focus: Carnaby Street - Part Two: The Kooples

So, to continue with merits of the Carnaby Street area... This one is actually a small but not unassuming shop at 22 Carnaby Street, London W1F 7DB. It's called The Kooples and it's one very nice shop. If you are a short-wearer, lace-lover or just someone in need of some sharp, non-suit officewear this is The One.

I have to admit that the website just does not do the shop any justice. Each piece is really beautifully considered. Trimmings, edging, tailoring. So you just have to take my word for it and go in.

The general colour palette of the collection is quite conservative - army green, navy, black and white so they are not too ostentatious for the office but the pieces are amazing. I love both the lace and the plain shorts (each £120) with their scalloped edges. So chic and perfect for that work/going out conundrum.

The label has developed it's line to go together so if you needed a warm layer or to smarten up the shorts for a meeting, there is also a matching suit jacket in the plain fabric. I have to add, that the plain shorts do have excellently considered satin yokes so that they are ultra-flattering. Does go without saying though that you do need reasonably good pins for these.

I also feel duty bond to mention the exquisite skull lace-work. So often, high-street lace can look really cheap but this is beautiful and makes the gulf even wider between the mass-produced and the lovingly crafted. Here is a zoom in on one of Kooples' t-shirts (£130).

And finally, I should mention the leather vest so you can get the full picture (see below). Lovely. £170


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